How to use PN532 on MacOS with libnfc mfoc and mfcuk

Use PN532 with libnfc, mfoc, mfcuk commands on macOS. Install nfc tools command on macOS. [...]


How To Use PN532 To Restore Mifare Classic 1K Keys on Android Phone

PCR532 and All-in-one PN532 are the lightest full-function PN532-based RFID hacking device that can easily [...]

How To Test PN532 Working With Bluetooth Module?

While choosing Bluetooth Module for wireless connection between mobile and the PN532 board, there exist [...]

How to make PN532 work on Bluetooth

Usually, PN532 is used to work on USB serial board. And with Bluetooth Serial Board, [...]

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How to use Mifare Classic Offline Cracker

MFOC is an open-source implementation of an “offline nested” attack by Nethemba. It allows recovering [...]